Manage from anywhere in the world: Control your irrigation system from your phone, tablet, or web browser any time, any where worldwide. Remote access allows you to view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller.

Save water: Hydrawise™ uses PredictiveWatering™ to fine- tune your sprinkler’s watering schedule based on forecasted and historical weather data. Save water and money while your lawn and landscape receive just the right amount of water to thrive. Hydrawise™ has been shown to reduce water bills by up to 50%.

Monitor your system 24/7: The Hydrawise™ interface will monitor your sprinkler system for problems 24/7. A built-in milliamp sensor can detect cut wires and shorted solenoids, then send an App alert or SMS notification. With the installation of an optional flow meter, Hydrawise™ can detect broken sprinkler heads and pipes, then notify you before your lawn or landscape suffers.

Smart Home Integration: Hydrawise™ is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Control 4, so you can make the most of your irrigation system and ensure you have the smartest house in the neighborhood.

New for 2019 – Professional Monitoring: For a low annual fee of $75, Turf Industries will monitor your sprinkler system,provide remote assistance, and implement new features automatically.

What Monitoring from Turf Industries includes:

•      2 Remote schedule adjustments per month ($20 per instance without annual monitoring)
•      Monitoring of your electrical system for broken wires and shorted solenoids.
•      Monitoring of your piping system for broken heads and damaged pipes. (With installation of optional flowmeter)
•     10% off repair invoices for the 2019 season (Does not include regular annual services such as Turn-on, RPZTest, Tune-up,and Winterization)
•     Implementation of new features automatically. As the Hydrawise™ software evolves, we’ll implement the best new features automatically.

If you’d like to upgrade to Hydrawise™, give us a call at 847-516-6473 or send an email to

Already a Hydrawise™ customer? Sign up for our monitoring service by calling 847-516-6473 or visiting Reference “monitoring” for the invoice number.